Monday, December 5, 2011

This those and that

1) Blackberry by my own .
From now onwards , sila kumpul wang :)

2) Wondermilk cuppies
Penah makan sekali jeeee , and i guess
I want more than before !

 3) Hot air balloon 
Tak penah tgk live haha kesian aku

 4) King , please be mine :)
 5) Leopard Ipod casing 
mana nak beli? ceyt 

 6) One of wishlist for my 19th birthday 

 7) Macaroonsssssss yummy

 8)Satu almari yg penuh dgn kasut Awww !

10) Froyo :D

I just put those things randomly , I wish I could have them