Saturday, April 28, 2012


Assalamualaikum .
Just like Ive been promised bfre. so through this day,it was the second day of semester break ! yipii
but no that toooooooooooo excited because Im not feeling that well as sorry for not joining my other saviours when they are having a small parties at ayie's.

Morning , I went to take the ujian MedSi. pray for me fellas xoxo.

exam's stuff. hoping for the best 
(interview please?)

next ibu bring us (me and my other siblings) to have lunch at bolton.
we took mee bandung for out lunch yipiii my favvy.

brb (kenyang) haha . 

then next station is visiting nenek and atuk ! 
*sorry there's no photos hihi

during night we had our dinner together with ayah at malaya steamboat prima sri gombak

brb - (kenyang lagiiii)
Alhamdulillah :)

Going back home , then menghabiskan tgk khuntoria.
tak sanggup tgk final part dorang . they are tooooo sweet !
serious talk winkwink

hope there will be another season for them 
obviously there will be NO new season for them lah .
haha keep up the good job for both of you guys !

that's all for today and till soon
-Amirahbell (im hoping for someone just like nickhun shi)