Friday, July 15, 2011

Forgive and forget

Thank You for the letter Amir Hakim . Im forgiving all your mistakes . and do forgive my mistakes too .
Ive learned much things through out this friendship . Sorry for letting you down lately . But I know you can do it without me . Just be strong , face those things with full of spirit . Ill always pray the best for you . Since we getting know each other , there's much things that we shared together , laugh , sadness , secret and so on , and Ill never forget those things too . It will always be in my heart . Take good care of yourself Amir Hakim . I know , things wont be just like before . But , we need to try to make it as good as we can , we need to build up this friendship just like before . okay ? Ill try my best , hopefully you too .

Surat amir buat bell nanges depan semua budak praktikum masa mentor mentee tadi . hihi :>
Gotta go , chiow .