Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Destiny .

Assalamualaikum :)
Well as usual , Im just fine staying here . Alhamdulillah .
eventhou there are much jerk things appear in my life right now , but Im still can go through this path .

People changes easily , note that . Well nowadays it's hard to find someone that we can truly called as friends . Do you guys noticed that ? As what am I facing right now , I feel like wanna kill him because of his annoying-ness << does this word appear in yr dictionary ? Haha just ignore my grammatic error and my vocab please ? Thank you . Does anyone care about him just like am I doing during his sickness ? Does anyone care about his eat timing and so on ? Does anyone care just like I do ? -,- but now after all hardness that we have been through together , he just leave me behind and ignore me just like I have never alive in his life before . You're such a jerk man ! I hate you seriously ! Only Allah know what am I feel right now .

Okay the next bebelan is ,
Easy to say hard to be done . Im spinning my own head right now . Everything keep on playing in my mind . About my life my journey and my destiny . But Im also never neglet you as a part of my life . Im always hoping that we can be together just like before . I do miss our old times , but as time passes you and I now are in different situations , Im trying to reach to and ask for yr forgiveness but then you keep on running upon me . Why ? Once I realize there's nothing left for both of us . Eventhou the love still keep blinking in the sky but our heart is not in the same box just like before . Im sorry I have to leave you behind . I have to create my own path which is my new path without you .Take good care of yrself .

Goodbye to those problems . Please stay away from my life ? thank you .
Wish me luck people for my upcoming quizzes . sorry for those bad words , those grammatical error and those jerk vocab . ghehe . im not tht good in english , sorraayyyyy .

Lotsa love ,