Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey , quite sometimes dah tak posting any new entry . sorry for left you behind my public diary . seriously , I miss you but then still i dont have times for keep on updating you . Erm , next week on 18th ill be sitting for muet (speaking) jyeah bingo ! candidate A pulak tu -,- haiyaa cuaks seriously , hopefully saya akan lancar berkata kata pada hari berkenaan , Amin :) next , oh chemistry please im begging you . seriously please be nice to me . eventhou im not totally in love with you but still you have to be nice to me ! huh . well currently this week will be the last part of those kuliah and tutorial weeks . and next week dah study week ! yehaaa boleh bangun lambat haha . kalau ibu tahu ni ibu marah kang . mana boleh bgn lambat ibu ckp :P okaylah , nak pergi prac physics . meet sir yusfi for the last session with him today . bye chiow .

Bea coup de amor ,
-Amirahbell :)